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  •   +91 452 4367597
  •   +91 97871 91156
  • vsoc.drkns@gmail.com
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About Us

About Vale Specialty Ortho Clinic

The Vale Specialty Ortho Clinic is committed to advanced medical care through innovative and efficient services, creating an environment of continued quality improvement and expertise of the best physicians. We utilize the most recent medical technologies, advanced clinical methods and develop protocols to improve our outcomes ensuring the good health of the community around us. Our wish is that every patient must get correct and best treatment. That treatment should be acceptable anywhere in the world. Our center has specialist orthopedic surgeon who has worked in best center of UK and Canada and has enormous experience of performing around 4500 Arthroscopic surgeries and 3000 Joint Replacement with Successful Outcome.

Dr.K.N.Subramanian is our Chief Orthopedic surgeon with special interest in Orthopedic Sports Injury Surgery, Shoulder and Knee Surgery. He has been awarded a Certificate of Completion of Training in orthopedic by the regulatory body of the United Kingdom called General Medical Council. He is licensed to practice Specialist orthopedic surgery.

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